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O Canada


Two best friends from Southern California go on a road trip the summer before college with the goal of losing their virginities to Canadian men...because, Canadian men are nice guys. 


Kingdom in the Mist 

Sloan Finalist


A young, primate expert goes to find her sister, who went missing in Africa, and uncovers a local conspiracy around a mysterious giant chimpanzee, while she falls in love with an expert tracker - the only man who can help her navigate the jungle.




After getting dumped by her bandmate boyfriend for being an elitist, music snob, experimental musician, Aya, moves back with her crazy mother and learns to create music again without the pretension. 




A salesman decides to retire at a nudist community while his adult daughter, a conservative small-town mayor's wife, decides NOT to stay with her philandering husband.


Rappaccini's Garden


A reinvention of Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, this dark adventure, set at the turn of the 20th century, follows the story of a young botanist in Valparaiso, Chile as he falls in love with the daughter of the mad scientist next door. 




Renaissance Men 

Original Pilot, Half-hour


Two step-brothers are forced to work together to revitalize their family's Renaissance-themed, dinner-theater restaurant.

Two Jeffs and a Loft 

Original Pilot, Half-hour


Two roommates - Jeff and Geoff - move to San Francisco after an angel investor watches their appearance on a reality TV program; but once in the city of tech, the two discover their startup needs the help of their female rommate, Samantha, whom they left behind in Los Angeles. 



Original Pilot, One-hour Drama


Beverly Hills pharmaceutical sales representative, Paul Wexler, learns to stand up for himself when his own near-death experience has him seeing the spirit of his dead father.


 Broad City, Half Hour Spec

"Ain't No Party Like a Cat House Party"


Abbi and Ilana find themselves cat-sitting a celebrity cat who goes missing and must find it in the streets of New York.


The Mindy Project, Half Hour Spec

"The Indian Jay and Bey"


Mindy finds herself a part of an Indian American power couple, but is not sure if the celebrity is too much for her. 


How I Met Your Mother, Half Hour Spec



Barney enlists the help of Ted to create a fake reality TV show as a means to get girls while Robin attracts unwanted attention when a local politician hits on her.



"Femometer," Commercial, Punch Up-Writer


"Doublecross," Short Film, Writer & Co-Director


"Ticking Clock," Short Film, Bill and Melinda Gates Finalist


"Love Refreshed," Sprite Films Finalist, Script, Copy, and Producer


"In Case of an Emergency," Short, UCLA Best Film Winner




"Committed" -  Performed at Echoes Under Sunset, Disoriented Comedy Potluck Storytelling Show


"My Asian Fetish with Myself" - Performed at the Westside Theater, studied under Tom Clarke and Ed Galvez


"Turning 30" - Performed at the Westside Theater


"Plan A" - performed at cafe event, curated by "Don't Tell My Mother" Nikki Levy


Studied sketch writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater under Tim Neenan and Sean Conroy.  Currently on a house sketch team, Red Flag, at the Westside Theater every second Wednesday of the month. 




Human Interest on North Korea


Asia Media, Staff Writer


FEM Magazine, Staff Writer


Westwind Literary Magazine, Editorial Staff


Clearinghouse Educational Entrepeneurship, Information Writer
















Stories & Written Work

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